Jumat, 29 Januari 2016

Paper prices soaring birth of the butterfly effect, or usher in a retaliatory rose paper products

paper cup making machine January 13, Dongguan Jianhui Paper Nine Dragons and synchronize again prices. Prices repeatedly timing synchronization, and the prices of reasons altogether God synchronized. No way, Who so few PRD Donghonghong Paper Niubi it?
However, I have to say, it was too headstrong prices go up! From October 2015 began, packaging paper prices seem to getting up fierce wind. October 15, Dongguan Nine Dragons, Lee & Man Guangdong Dongguan Jianhui equal one day announce put up 50 yuan per ton of paper. December Nine Dragons, Jinzhou, Silver Island once again announced tonnes of paper transfer 50 yuan. By the end of December, Ji'an Group, Jiangsu Lee & Man, Nine Dragons Taicang, Yangzhou Yuen Foong Yu, Zhejiang Jingxing Paper announced tonnes tune 50 yuan.
paper cup machine China's packaging and printing industry, "up" a word that is very hard! In recent years, labor costs, factory rent, rising environmental costs, logistics costs, the tax burden was high. Even worse, the paper packaging price down not up, so that the industry miserable. A few years ago, whatever the outcome, there are low-cost paper dividends in supporting industries, and now, the skyrocketing price of paper is destroying a large number of packaging companies, eventually changing supply and demand pattern paper packaging.
paper cup making machine  All in all, a good many years stuck on paper and packaging industry will usher in a wave of retaliatory opportunity to rise. The following reasons:
muffin cup machine 1) To know the cost of wrapping paper packaging accounted for 70% of the total cost, while the paper products as a whole has been less than 8% of net profit. Accounting down, as long as the paper rose 200 yuan per ton, can make packaging plant net exhaustively erased. Moreover, the number of paper mills to packing plant has become shorter, and the number of customers carton plant in 90 days of a lot about packing plant requires a lot of liquidity to maintain, if you count the cost of financing, packaging plant is already at a loss operating state.
2) in the last two years, worsening haze let the government becoming less and less tolerant of environmental pollution, the government resorted to tricks with the butt Think also can guess, it is to raise the fees. From the beginning of 2016, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places of sewage charges doubled up. Environmental misfortune robbed many bad power packaging printing enterprises have fallen.
3) slightly to statistics, in the packaging industry reshuffle its fourth year, the growing number of large packaging and printing businesses are unable to go have quit. Bankruptcy of those who have, those who have to sell in transition, stop waiting for those who have, the packaging industry overcapacity situation is quietly changing.
4) In the past four years, with 45 consecutive months of negative growth in the PPI phase synchronization, paper packaging offer also stumble endlessly. Cheap stabbed formula companies out of the market will be part of the packaging will also be a number of powerful enterprises to the brink of oppression. Today the plan, only turned on in order to seek a lifeline, which is paper packaging retaliatory rise foreshadowed.
5) With the real estate bubble burst gradually (first tier of the following first-line), before flowing into the real estate and related industries a lot of money is likely to flow into the food, daily chemical, shoes, new agriculture. Thereby activating amount of days the package will completely change the pattern of packaging and printing industry oversupply, and the influx of funds have taken advantage of the stock market pushed paper products, paper packaging final trigger retaliatory price increases.

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Selasa, 26 Januari 2016

Pumpkin red dates Cup Cake

paper cup making machine The weekend time to bring their children to take part in the cradle of baking line activities, lucky enough to get a prize, a green cypress new oven, really let me very surprised, then do is a pumpkin raisin cupcakes, because only two Kitchen said queuing Miss use, directly by feeling to mix the cake batter, oven was used for the first time, site of the oven is better than my oven temperature higher, I want to a lot of baking master because items and affected play, hope after the cradle net a lot to organize similar activities, like the cradle of mothers love baking.
paper cup machine To share with you I wrote before the cake recipe, my family are all very like, also had done many times to friends to eat and evaluation are good.
Pumpkin contains starch, protein, carrot element, vitamin B, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients, nutrient rich to Buzhong Yiqi, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, heat clearing and detoxifying, protect gastric mucosa, to help digestion. Red dates is the vitamin content is very high, there is a "natural vitamin pill" reputation, has the effect of nourishing yin and tonifying yang, nourishing blood. These two kinds of nutritious ingredients together, Chiffon Cake made of soft palate, think it is very delicious.
Ingredients: egg 5 (average 56g shell), pumpkin 143g (steamed pressed into the mud after said), olive oil, corn 44g, low gluten flour 100g, cotton 65g sugar, red dates broken 40g.
paper cup making machine(the ingredients to do 5cm square paper cup 12 30L baking sheet and a disc, also the formula can also made eight inch round 1, or six inches round 2)
Required tools: basin two, electric mixer, hand mixer (or chopsticks), silicone scraper, paper cups, oven
Baking time: in the lower, upper and lower fire 180 degrees, 25 minutes
Manufacturing process:
Come first to Zhang Quanjiafu.
1 egg protein and egg yolk were placed in the two pots;
Note: the egg is to be refrigerated, protein in the basin must be without oil, water, eggs, when the attention not to the egg yolk into the protein Basin
2 egg yolk with manual whisk scattered into oil;
3 the egg yolk and oil fully mixing, so that the two together;
4 pumpkin mud into the egg yolk bowl to continue mixing;
5 stirring evenly;
6 low gluten flour over the sieve into the egg yolk bowl, mix with the scraper to put aside and put aside;
(Note: not to stir stir around, or mix, so as not to batter rib;)
7 now to make a protein, the sugar all into the protein, with an electric mixer to fight the rigid foam;
(Note: soft white sugar, white sugar can be, I am now accustomed to a full release, can also play in the process of two to three times into the sugar
8 rigid foam logo is filed in the egg, the top of the protein into a triangular shape, will not bend;
9 1/3 of the protein in egg yolk Wanli, quickly stir a few, not too uniform;
10 the egg yolk bowl in the paste all into the protein bowl, with the scraper quickly turned to mix or cut;
11 after the mix after the appearance, attention, do not eliminate bubbles;
12 will be chopped red dates back into the mix;
13 add dates to mix well;
14 cups (ready; at the same time this time can preheat the oven, 180 degrees)
15. Pour into a paper cup, on the table earthquake a few the atmosphere inside the bubble shock out. At the same time, it can make cake batter smooth, can be seen almost every cup is divided into nine full;
16. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, the lower layer, fire 180 degrees 25 minutes; baked cake fragrance will smell very tempting, but I think in the refrigerator placed one night more delicious.
Say more than two sentences:
1, a pumpkin, I prefer a steam, not divided into small portions of Mount fresh-keeping bag, take flat shop in the refrigerator freezer room, needed so that take time to thaw it out on it, whether it is making a cake or boiled porridge or steamed buns can used to;
2, the formula with the soft white sugar, you can also use white sugar, you can swap;
3, this formula can also be made of round, no cups can try to die;
Eight inch can do 1, please refer to the home-made eight inch round the time and temperature is 150 degrees lower house in 60 minutes;
Six inch can do two, please reference their own time and temperature of six inch circularity die, my home is 170 degrees in the lower 45 minutes, I do only cups, so eight inch and six inch for reference only, self testing;
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Senin, 25 Januari 2016

What is the practice of a horse and a cup cake

muffin cup machine People like desserts, and the variety of desserts in people’s lives is also more and more, such as the horse Fen cup cake for dessert, I believe a lot of people are not strange. So what is the practice of muffin cup cake? Because we are in the market to buy Muffin Cake cups, the price is relatively high, but could not eat fresh Muffin Cake cups, so many people want to learn about the practice of it, in order to facilitate themselves ready to eat at any time you can do to.
The steps to make a horse and a cup cake are clear.
cake tray machine Were slowly making muffin cup cake step is relatively simple, the first step is to put the banana Daocheng muddy, the sugar into the pot, a small fire, sugar color was transparent color can turn off the heat, and then the whipping cream, stir well after the burning of caramel syrup on the side to spare, the butter and sugar together, and then divided the batches of eggs and coke syrup, mashed banana, baking powder, salt, and low powder stir after adding chocolate beans and then squeeze to the cups and put them in the oven to 180 degrees, 25 minutes later, Muffin Cake cups made successfully.
cake tray forming machine Making muffin cup cake steps and not only this, it is more, the cupcakes for at least a dozen, so they can find a relatively simple way of making and production for the first time is not necessarily succeed, as long as insist on own Ken will do better and better.
For the muffin cup cake is the question of what, described above has made a detailed answer. Now people for muffin cup cake this dessert is more and more love, because the cake is not only to eat them is not greasy, and nutrition to the body is relatively high, eating more is not fat. But some diabetics still have to pay attention to a little, because the horse Fen cup cake is a kind of dessert, it contains a relatively high sugar content.